Female Domination

It was the first night of “hell week” at my fraternity. We
didn’t know what to expect; but, we sure didn’t expect what
we got.

All of the pledges were brought into the dining room; we
noticed that all of the tables and chairs had been moved to
one side and stacked out of the way. The active brother of
the fraternity who was in charge of the pledges walked into
the room followed by 12 of the best looking women in the Tri-
Delt sorority, all dressed in sweat suites. He then told us
that the girls were going to pick out a pledge and that
pledge and the Tri-Delt would wrestle. The rules were simple:
submission or knock out only would stop the match, and if it
were submission, both had to agree to the submission.

Virgins Sex

I am an 18-year-old female with long, wavy brown hair
and a 36-24-35 figure. It takes a lot to turn me on, so I’m
just friends with the guys in my neighborhood, but I like to
dress in sexy outfits for the pleasure of their stares. A month
ago, a new family moved in down the street, and I decided to
welcome my new neighbors and get acquainted with them. They
had a very attractive daughter my age named Kay, and it wasn’t
long before we were good friends. One day after Kay’s family had
settled in, I went over to pick her up to go shopping. As I
pulled into the driveway, I saw the most handsome guy imaginable
shooting baskets. He was my height with long, black, spiked
hair and an incredible body — all the more evident because he
wore only a pair of jams. I was mesmerized by his beauty. Kay
came out, and I eagerly asked her who the hunk was. “My
brother,” she replied. “Isn’t he cute!” I soon found out that
Kay’s parents had adopted Vin as a child. Do you like him?”
Kay asked. Continue reading Virgins Sex

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personal quotes:
Q:ever get bored with men and their silly little ways?
A:no never! I love men.

Q: describe the most erotic experience you’ve had
A: Ive had many erotic experiences. I am not going to go into details with name and graphic descriptions. I am affraid but there were three of us. And we did everything.

Q: anal no go or very good?
A: if you want to do it , do it! its not something I do every single day, but if you want to try it, please do. I can be fun.

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