Nude Pics Of Kate Winslet

Kate Winslett nudeKate Winslet Nude

Kate Winslet has revealed she wants to pose nude for charity.

The stunning actress, who showed off her svelte new figure at the recent premiere of ‘Finding Neverland’, says she would be happy to bare all in a fundraising photo shoot like Sarah Ferguson, who has posed naked to raise money for the Elton John Aids Foundation.

She admitted to Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper : Doing a photographic project like the one Fergie is doing would definitely be something I’d be interested in.

Cute Teen Hitch Hiker

But I did stop. I haven’t picked up a hitchhiker since I was in
college. I always figured that a cute girl standing by the side
of the road with her thumb in the breeze had to have a 250 pound
boyfriend in the bushes, ready to commandeer my car at

I can see from a distance that you are cute, your long brown hair
whipping about your face in the wind. As I drive closer, I can
see your faded cutoffs, cut so short that the cheeks of your ass
are peeking out invitingly. Continue reading Cute Teen Hitch Hiker

Hot Girl Next Door

Several years ago my ex-girlfriend and I were living together. We had great
sex. I was always hard for her. She was always ready for me. She was always so
wet. I just loved eating her. She could cum lots of times. We spent many an
hour in the 69 position. We were in love and sex was special.

Once I mentioned about a fantasy for a Three-Way that I had. She told me she
was absolutely not interested in other women. And she didn’t want to have sex
with me and another man. So I dropped the subject and put it out of my mind.
But every once in a while I would jack-off in the shower while I fantasized
about watching her eat another woman and having her watch me eat the other
woman too.

We had a female neighbor who was a pretty good friend. She had a boyfriend
that she lived with but they were always having problems so she would spend
many evenings at our house playing cards, watching movies, talking, etc. Continue reading Hot Girl Next Door

Sinful Housewife Confessions

I came to Dayton in 1976 from Indianapolis to attend the University
of Dayton. I was 18, just graduated from high school and wanting to get
away from home but not too far away, so Dayton seemed perfect. I wasn’t
a virgin, but wasn’t terribly experienced sexually, either, having had
two serious boyfriends and one one-night-stand. My senior year steady
had gone off to college in Michigan, so I felt like I was free to date
when I got to Dayton. So, I moved out to Dayton and started college.
I’ve always been pretty outgoing, so I quickly made a number of new
friends, most of who liked to party. Early in the first semester, I went
with three other girls in my class down to Flanagan’s bar near campus.
We were there for awhile splitting pitchers of beer and got talking to
three guys sitting at a nearby table. I hit it off with one of the
guys and spent a while talking to him. He told me his name was Bob
and was down here visiting friends, but was a junior at Ohio Northern.
He was about 6′, tanned and very muscular. I was very attracted to
him and found myself thinking “Hmm, I don’t know this guy very well,
but with a little effort on his part, I could be had tonight”… Continue reading Sinful Housewife Confessions

Thrue Orgy Celebrity Story

Following is the story that took place in one of Hollywood homes but all the names were changed so that noone is offended 😉
“You can’t go in there. They’re still getting ready”

I flashed him a sheepish look. He nodded and said loudly “I’m
off. I should be back around midnight” so that they could hear
him in the bedroom, then left.

I went back to twitching in the living room. I am still not
comfortable looking him in the eyes. I know that I was the one to
insist that she tell him, but I never expected him to accept it.
Especially not as openly as this.

It’s my birthday. Two married women are “getting ready” in the
bedroom. Both husbands know, and neither one wants to kill me.
Yet. I still think of myself as sexually deprived. At 32 (no! 33
now) these are the third and fourth women I’ve ever been to bed
with. If you’re involved with two women, then a threesome is the
obvious step. Isn’t it? It seemed so when she suggested it.

I guess this means that the big fight I had with “B” a month ago
is behind us now. I haven’t been with her since then. Until she
proposed this birthday gift for me. My other lover was fascinated
by the idea, and by the timing. I just twitch. Continue reading Thrue Orgy Celebrity Story

Fucking Amazons

Mercifully, she ended my suffering by flexing her legs with
such force that I once again sank into unconsciousness. I was
out for about five minutes before I began to be able to hear
and see what was going on. It took me a few minutes to
realize that Brandi had me draped across her shoulders and
was doing knee bends with me as additional weight. As soon as
she realized that I was coming around she dumped me to the
floor in front of her. ” Well, hello there sleepy head. I’m
glad you decided to join us again. I’ve been doing knee bends
for the last five minutes and my thighs are starting to pump
up a little bit. I don’t think you’ve got anything left to
resist me with; not that you have ever been any competition
for me anyway. I’m going to put your neck between my thighs
and knock you out, but not before I work you over pretty good
and you become so afraid of my leg strength that I consider
you to be tamed. ” Brandi sat down and rolled me over so that
my midsection was laying in between her thighs. She lay back
and closed her legs around my waist; then she slowly raised
her legs into the air. I was looking down into her smiling
face as she held me suspended in the air. Suddenly she
clamped down on the hold and I was immediately screaming my
submission. But, Brandi was having too much fun to stop
immediately; she would vary the pressure to see what my
reaction would be.

Its Not Over

It wasn’t
over yet; Brandi was straddling my body as I came to she
leaned over and said, ” How’d you like the sample, Wimp face,
I told you you weren’t man enough to take what I have. This
is mutual submission remember and I’m not through with you
yet. I plan on knocking you out several times before I allow
you to concede to me and become my slave. Now put your hand
on my calf muscle, it’s going to put you out next. It’s so
big that I have trouble getting pants to fit. Hard aren’t
they. ”

Before I could respond she stepped forward and placed my neck
between her calves. All she seemed to do was to raise up on
her toes and the pain started immediately. She lowered
herself back down and began doing toe raises; with each flex
of her calves my neck seemed to get weaker and weaker. After
about 50 toe raises she stayed on her toes and began to shake
her hips from side to side. This not only increased the
pressure on my neck; but watching her boobs swing and her
laughter had me feeling dizzy.

Paris And Tara Fucking Lucky Guy

Tara Reid and Paris Hilton

tara raid and paris hilton had lesbian sex
Sitting in my backyard, drinking a cold beer the door bell rings, Getting
up, I answer it only to find a shimmering blond with startling green eyes,
standing in my doorway. I feel a rise in my pants! “Is the lady of the
house in she says sweetly”, “No but what can I do for you” I reply back. My
name is Fawn, I’m the new Avon Lady, I just wanted to introduce myself”.
tara raid and paris hilton had lesbian sex
tara raid and paris hilton had lesbian sex

“She has gone to the store I reply,”….. I lied actually she is working.
“You know though, I have been thinking about getting her a little present,
could you show me something?”….. (I’m hoping she shows me her little
present). “Oh yes, I have some wonderful jewelry, and some magnificent
fragrances” she says. With a sheepish grin I reply “Come on in, show me
what you have to offer.”…..I know what i’d like to take.
She enters the room, wearing a tight blue mini skirt, It is obvious she is
has something on her mind other than selling Avon. “Have a seat, can I get
you a drink” I query her. “Sure, what do you have, she asks” I reply “Cold
beer, I could fix you a Kaluha shake, or light wine.” “If its not too much
work, I’d love a Kaluha shake.” “You got it I hurriedly respond.”….. Continue reading Paris And Tara Fucking Lucky Guy

Timmy Boy Caught By Cruel Women

He was barely conscious at this point but he managed to say
what she wanted to hear. At this point Jane slacked off on
the pressure for a second and then suddenly poured the power
into the hold. He went out like someone had hit him with a
hammer. She spread her legs and he dropped face first into
the floor, giving him a bloody nose. Jane effortlessly
lifted him up and carried him off to the side, where she sat
him in a chair. She walked back out to the center of the room
and flexed her powerful muscles one more time for the stunned
pledge class. She allowed each one of us to feel her arms and
leg muscles as she walked down the line.