Thrue Orgy Celebrity Story

Following is the story that took place in one of Hollywood homes but all the names were changed so that noone is offended 😉
“You can’t go in there. They’re still getting ready”

I flashed him a sheepish look. He nodded and said loudly “I’m
off. I should be back around midnight” so that they could hear
him in the bedroom, then left.

I went back to twitching in the living room. I am still not
comfortable looking him in the eyes. I know that I was the one to
insist that she tell him, but I never expected him to accept it.
Especially not as openly as this.

It’s my birthday. Two married women are “getting ready” in the
bedroom. Both husbands know, and neither one wants to kill me.
Yet. I still think of myself as sexually deprived. At 32 (no! 33
now) these are the third and fourth women I’ve ever been to bed
with. If you’re involved with two women, then a threesome is the
obvious step. Isn’t it? It seemed so when she suggested it.

I guess this means that the big fight I had with “B” a month ago
is behind us now. I haven’t been with her since then. Until she
proposed this birthday gift for me. My other lover was fascinated
by the idea, and by the timing. I just twitch. Continue reading Thrue Orgy Celebrity Story

Female Domination

It was the first night of “hell week” at my fraternity. We
didn’t know what to expect; but, we sure didn’t expect what
we got.

All of the pledges were brought into the dining room; we
noticed that all of the tables and chairs had been moved to
one side and stacked out of the way. The active brother of
the fraternity who was in charge of the pledges walked into
the room followed by 12 of the best looking women in the Tri-
Delt sorority, all dressed in sweat suites. He then told us
that the girls were going to pick out a pledge and that
pledge and the Tri-Delt would wrestle. The rules were simple:
submission or knock out only would stop the match, and if it
were submission, both had to agree to the submission.

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