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My Lover and I have made sweet passionate love together. We
fall asleep still entangled. I awake to my Lover’s kiss.
Attempt to reach up and pull her to me… I can’t move my arms,
I look to see why not, they are tied to the side of the bed as are
my legs. I am tied spread eagle to the bed. I look questioningly
up at my Lover. She says that “I am going to kiss you all over
your body, and tease you with my cunt.” So saying she straddles my
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My mind was still cloudy from being knocked out and from the
ease with which Brandi had been able to so completely
dominate me; therefore, it was difficult to concentrate on
the remaining “matches”. None of the guys in the pledge class
won their matches.

The girls were too strong, fast and in fact just superior to
us all. I remember that one girl used a hold on her pledge
that had all of us staring in disbelief. She was about 5’8″
tall and weighed about 140; her “victim” was 5’5″ and weighed
about 120 lbs. She walked up to him, flexed her biceps and
made him feel them, she announced, ” they are 163/4″ flexed
and you tell the people how hard they are. ” He stammered
that they were hard as steel. Then she said, ” my arms are
incredibly strong, and I want to use you to demonstrate this
fact. ” I should also mention that she had an incredible
body as well; she had at least 42″ chest, a 28″ waist and her
hips were about 36″. She grabbed the back of his head in one
hand and slammed his face into her chest; with her other hand
she gripped the back of his neck and squeezed with both
hands. He was unconscious in a matter of seconds. Then she
let him slide down her body to the floor. The next thing she
did was the unbelievable part; she reached down and with one
hand she grabbed a handful of his shirt and straightened up,
pulling his limp body off of the floor. Still with one hand
she pressed him over her head and held him there.

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” Now, little one, I’m going to flex these muscles of mine
and I want you to think about how sore your whole body is
right now because of my strength. Your reaction to my flexing
will help me decide if you are ‘tamed’ or if you need some
more convincing from my legs.”

She let that sink in for a few minutes and then she exploded
her legs and arms. I must have fainted because the next thing
I knew she was sitting in a chair with her legs holding me up
in a sitting position. I shook my head to try and clear it;
Brandi leaned over and whispered in my ear, ” you are mine,
wimp, and if you ever forget it I’ll really let these legs
work on your body. Now watch the other girls take your pledge
brothers apart. Watch closely because I’m going to use some
of the holds they use on you. We are going to wrestle at
least once a day for awhile. ”

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Mercifully, she ended my suffering by flexing her legs with
such force that I once again sank into unconsciousness. I was
out for about five minutes before I began to be able to hear
and see what was going on. It took me a few minutes to
realize that Brandi had me draped across her shoulders and
was doing knee bends with me as additional weight. As soon as
she realized that I was coming around she dumped me to the
floor in front of her. ” Well, hello there sleepy head. I’m
glad you decided to join us again. I’ve been doing knee bends
for the last five minutes and my thighs are starting to pump
up a little bit. I don’t think you’ve got anything left to
resist me with; not that you have ever been any competition
for me anyway. I’m going to put your neck between my thighs
and knock you out, but not before I work you over pretty good
and you become so afraid of my leg strength that I consider
you to be tamed. ” Brandi sat down and rolled me over so that
my midsection was laying in between her thighs. She lay back
and closed her legs around my waist; then she slowly raised
her legs into the air. I was looking down into her smiling
face as she held me suspended in the air. Suddenly she
clamped down on the hold and I was immediately screaming my
submission. But, Brandi was having too much fun to stop
immediately; she would vary the pressure to see what my
reaction would be.

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I looked up to see Brandi out in the middle giving me the
come here motion with her finger. I was slow to move and she
got a big kick out of this fact. ” What’s the matter, Timmy
boy, are you afraid of this little girl ? I’m even stronger
than Jane is and I’m going to crush your weak body until you
are completely used up. Now get out here and see if you can
take what I’ve got. I don’t think you are man enough. ” As I
walked out to the center of the room Brandi jumped up and
circled my waist with her long legs and wrapped her arms
around my head, which slammed my face into her 40E” chest. I
heard her count to three and then I felt pain in my head and
my ribs all at the same time; and then blackness. My God, she
had knocked me out in a matter of three seconds. I had hoped
she would make it fast, but this was ridiculous.

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Sitting in my backyard, drinking a cold beer the door bell rings, Getting
up, I answer it only to find a shimmering blond with startling green eyes,
standing in my doorway. I feel a rise in my pants! “Is the lady of the
house in she says sweetly”, “No but what can I do for you” I reply back. My
name is Fawn, I’m the new Avon Lady, I just wanted to introduce myself”.
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tara raid and paris hilton had lesbian sex

“She has gone to the store I reply,”….. I lied actually she is working.
“You know though, I have been thinking about getting her a little present,
could you show me something?”….. (I’m hoping she shows me her little
present). “Oh yes, I have some wonderful jewelry, and some magnificent
fragrances” she says. With a sheepish grin I reply “Come on in, show me
what you have to offer.”…..I know what i’d like to take.
She enters the room, wearing a tight blue mini skirt, It is obvious she is
has something on her mind other than selling Avon. “Have a seat, can I get
you a drink” I query her. “Sure, what do you have, she asks” I reply “Cold
beer, I could fix you a Kaluha shake, or light wine.” “If its not too much
work, I’d love a Kaluha shake.” “You got it I hurriedly respond.”….. Continue reading Paris And Tara Fucking Lucky Guy

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He was barely conscious at this point but he managed to say
what she wanted to hear. At this point Jane slacked off on
the pressure for a second and then suddenly poured the power
into the hold. He went out like someone had hit him with a
hammer. She spread her legs and he dropped face first into
the floor, giving him a bloody nose. Jane effortlessly
lifted him up and carried him off to the side, where she sat
him in a chair. She walked back out to the center of the room
and flexed her powerful muscles one more time for the stunned
pledge class. She allowed each one of us to feel her arms and
leg muscles as she walked down the line.

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It was the first night of “hell week” at my fraternity. We
didn’t know what to expect; but, we sure didn’t expect what
we got.

All of the pledges were brought into the dining room; we
noticed that all of the tables and chairs had been moved to
one side and stacked out of the way. The active brother of
the fraternity who was in charge of the pledges walked into
the room followed by 12 of the best looking women in the Tri-
Delt sorority, all dressed in sweat suites. He then told us
that the girls were going to pick out a pledge and that
pledge and the Tri-Delt would wrestle. The rules were simple:
submission or knock out only would stop the match, and if it
were submission, both had to agree to the submission.

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had a very attractive daughter my age named Kay, and it wasn’t
long before we were good friends. One day after Kay’s family had
settled in, I went over to pick her up to go shopping. As I
pulled into the driveway, I saw the most handsome guy imaginable
shooting baskets. He was my height with long, black, spiked
hair and an incredible body — all the more evident because he
wore only a pair of jams. I was mesmerized by his beauty. Kay
came out, and I eagerly asked her who the hunk was. “My
brother,” she replied. “Isn’t he cute!” I soon found out that
Kay’s parents had adopted Vin as a child. Do you like him?”
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