Defeated And Fucked

We had been cheering him on; but, it was obvious that she
was too much for him. He was pleading with her to stop; but,
to no avail.
The other girls were looking at their chosen pledges and
were smiling as they would say things like, ” I’m going to
hurt you like that ” or ” I’m not going to do that to you,
I’m too strong for that. I’m afraid I’d break your wrist and
then I wouldn’t get to punish you like I want to ” or ” I’m
going to make mince meat out of you Wimp, after I’m through
with you you will beg to be my slave “. After several
minutes of this torture she released this hold, grabbed a
handful of his hair and raised him to his feet. She then put
him into a side headlock and jerked his head into her side.
He immediately began to squirm around and was begging her to
stop. Jane said, ” You’re in luck, big boy, I’m in a good
mood today so I’m going to put you away now. All of us have
agreed that we would use our legs to finish all of you guys
off. Have you had enough ? Are you ready for me to put you
‘to sleep’ ? If you are then when I let you go I want you to
drop to your knees and ask me nicely to knock you out. ” She
released her hold; and this fool stood there trying to talk
to her. I knew he had made a mistake when she smiled brightly
and cut his comments off with, ” Oh, good. I was hoping you
wanted some more proof that I’m too much for you.