Hot Girl Next Door

Several years ago my ex-girlfriend and I were living together. We had great
sex. I was always hard for her. She was always ready for me. She was always so
wet. I just loved eating her. She could cum lots of times. We spent many an
hour in the 69 position. We were in love and sex was special.

Once I mentioned about a fantasy for a Three-Way that I had. She told me she
was absolutely not interested in other women. And she didn’t want to have sex
with me and another man. So I dropped the subject and put it out of my mind.
But every once in a while I would jack-off in the shower while I fantasized
about watching her eat another woman and having her watch me eat the other
woman too.

We had a female neighbor who was a pretty good friend. She had a boyfriend
that she lived with but they were always having problems so she would spend
many evenings at our house playing cards, watching movies, talking, etc.

Sometimes the three of us would go out dancing and have a great time.

She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but very sexy and sensual. She had long legs,
a nice ass, firm and perky breasts, and a killer smile. I was attracted to her
but never made any moves on her. It was hard not to because she always wore
very revealing clothing when she came over. Sometimes it was short skirts and
she would flash me with her legs spread apart. Sometimes she had no panties on
or very sexy lace ones. She usually wore low cut tops and no bra, so when she
bent over in front of me I could see her firm pink nipples.

She knew I was attracted to her but neither of us pursued it. Sometimes my
girlfriend would catch me looking at our neighbor friend and would give me a
look like, I saw that! Better watch out! But the funny thing was is that I
would catch my girlfriend looking at this woman’s crotch and breasts. So I’d
tease my girlfriend by saying, Caught you honey!. I didn’t know it at the
time but they both started to have an attraction to each other.

One Friday night the three of us went out dancing (her boyfriend was a
lard-ass who liked to stay home, watch TV and drink lots of beer). They were
both dressed very sexy with short skirts and low cut tops. We got pretty buzzed
on booze, had a great time dancing real hot and getting all sweaty. We left the
bar laughing and giggling all the way home.

My girlfriend asked her if she wanted to come back to our place for a
nightcap. We sat on the couch and started watching a movie on TV. After a
while, my girlfriend asked me if I would run to the store to get something to
drink. Reluctantly I went, it was after 3 in the morning.

I returned about twenty minutes later and opened the door and saw my neigh-
bor laying in my girlfriend’s lap while my girlfriend hand was on the other
womans vagina and sucking her breast. Our neighbor still had on her skirt and
her top was unbuttoned as my girlfriend licked on her nipples. I could tell by
the movement of my girlfriend’s hand that she was massaging the womans

I was dumbfounded. I just stood there with my jaw hanging down. All kinds of
things were going through my mind. What was going on? When did this happen? How
long has this been going on? Why is my cock getting rock hard? Is this really
my girlfriend who had said that sex with another woman was unappealing?

While I was gone, my girlfriend had started giving my neighbor a foot
massage. After a while my girlfriend moved her hand ever so slowly towards the
womans crotch stroking her thighs as her hand moved closer. When her fingers
reached the womans vagina my girlfriend very gently touched her clitoris and
said My god you’re so wet! The other woman was shocked but said Don’t stop.
So my girlfriend pulled her around, unbuttoned the woman’s blouse and pulled up
her skirt so she had access to her vagina with her hand. She sucked on her
nipples and manipulated her clitoris.

When I had entered the room and stood there for a while the other woman saw
me, jumped up and screamed, Oh, my God!. My girlfriend immediately grabbed
her and pushed her back on the couch saying Don’t worry. Relax. Then she
looked up at me and said Watch this honey.

She had the woman lay back on the couch as my girlfriend got on her knees.
pulled off the woman’s panties, and began to eat her. After a while the woman
came with a scream. I was so hard and horny as I watched my girlfriend’s tongue
lick and thrust in this other woman’s vagina. The other woman’s flat belly was

quivering just before she came. It was so erotic!

My girlfriend then got up and instructed me to eat the woman. I was so
nervous and intensely horny that I though I was going to explode. So I took off
my clothes, and knelt down in front of the woman. She tasted so good. As I ate
her I moved my hand to my girlfriend’s vagina and began to stroke it while she
sucked on the other womans breasts. They both came after a while and by this
time I was ready to explode!

My girlfriend then said Fuck her. Put your cock inside her and feel her
juices. I spread the womans legs apart as she was saying Oh my God. I can’t
believe this is happening. She groaned loudly as I put my rock hard cock
inside her. She was so wet that her juices were running down my balls. We did
this for a while as my girlfriend worked on the woman’s nipples. I was harder
than steel!

Then we switched to a position where I sat in a big chair and the other
woman sat on my cock with her back towards me. We both moaned as I slid inside
her. Then with our legs spread apart, my girlfriend began to eat her, moving
her tongue slowly from my balls up to her clitoris. The other woman came after
a while and then I couldn’t take it any more. I came and thrust hard as my
penis pumped out lots of fluid which my girlfriend greedily licked from my
penis and the woman’s vagina.

I was still in shock because my girlfriend was so aggressive and I didn’t
ever expect she would get off on something like this. She was obviously wet and
wild now! I wanted to fuck her brains out. I wanted to watch her take this
other woman to the moon.

We moved into the bedroom where I watched them eat each other in a 69
position. After they came we all laid there for a while giggling and caressing.
I could smell vagina on my girlfriend’s face which made me hard again. OOOH!
The sweet smell and taste of horny pussy!

My girlfriend had me stand at the edge of the bed. She faced me doggy style
and I put my cock inside her vagina which was so wet and stinky hot that I was
higher than from any drug. As I pumped her vigorously, our neighbor friend got
underneath her in 69 fashion. She alternated between licking my girlfriend’s
clitoris, my shaft, and my balls. My girlfriend was eating the womans pussy as
I thrust my cock harder and harder until I came in a frenzy, letting go like I
never have before. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had.

I pulled back and fell on the bed as I watched them eat each other until
they came. I was so hot watching them. I would touch them in different areas
of their bodies as they continued eating each other. They responded to my
touches, heightening their pleasure.

We laid in a circle facing each other. My girlfriend sucking my cock, me
eating the other woman, the other woman eating my girlfriend. We kept this up
until we all came moaning, laughing, steamy wet, the air filled with the magic
scent of vagina and sperm mixed together.

We all laid there, fell asleep. I was so peaceful. We all held each other
as we slept. I woke up to the sensation of the other woman sucking my penis. I
came slowly and deeply as she drank every drop of my sperm. She was so relaxed
and open and beautiful. She leaned over my sleeping girlfriend, kissed her
softly and then told me she had to leave. She was worried about what her
boyfriend was thinking. It was 6:00 in the morning. I walked her to the door
but as we got there I grabbed her, passionately kissed her, dropped to my
knees. Slowly I pulled up her skirt, placing my mouth on her clitoris. She came
gently within a few minutes.

She thanked me for getting so much pleasure from me and my girlfriend. It
was the first time she ever had that experience and was blown away how she
could be hot and horny for both a man and a woman. I told her I understood. I
was a little bewildered by all of it. We kissed and then she left.

I went back to the bedroom and fell asleep, holding my girlfriend. We woke
several hours later and made slow, strong, love. We both came, collapsed again
and slept for several more hours. We giggled and blushed about the night before
and both agreed that it was a high point in our sexual relationship.

Our neighbor friend, my girlfriend and I began a three way love affair. I
loved my girlfriend deeply but I also had a strong bonding to this other woman.
My girlfriend felt the same way too. We just gave each other what we needed.

We continued the affair for several months. Sometimes we would have intense
three way sex, sometimes my girlfriend and her would make love by themselves as
I slept, and other times I would just make love to the other woman as my
girlfriend slept. They were two very different women and I liked pleasing them
both. I don’t know how her boyfriend never found out. We almost got caught a
few times.

We even got a little kinky sometimes, tying each other to the bed and
sexually torture each other with vibrators, ice cubes, honey, etc.

Eventually the neighbor moved away. We kept in touch. My girlfriend and I
broke up about a year later. Career choice problems. She went to one end of the
country and I ended up in Phoenix.

Even though the other woman, my ex-girlfriend and I are involved in new
relationships with other people we get together about twice a year (if the 3 of
us are in the same city at that time), rent a motel room, and the three of us
fuck our brains out. The magic is still there. We just click together.

I’ve been involved in other Three-Ways but none were as good as my
girlfriend and my ex-neighbor. Those two women know how to light my fire. And I
know their hot buttons.