Its Not Over

It wasn’t
over yet; Brandi was straddling my body as I came to she
leaned over and said, ” How’d you like the sample, Wimp face,
I told you you weren’t man enough to take what I have. This
is mutual submission remember and I’m not through with you
yet. I plan on knocking you out several times before I allow
you to concede to me and become my slave. Now put your hand
on my calf muscle, it’s going to put you out next. It’s so
big that I have trouble getting pants to fit. Hard aren’t
they. ”

Before I could respond she stepped forward and placed my neck
between her calves. All she seemed to do was to raise up on
her toes and the pain started immediately. She lowered
herself back down and began doing toe raises; with each flex
of her calves my neck seemed to get weaker and weaker. After
about 50 toe raises she stayed on her toes and began to shake
her hips from side to side. This not only increased the
pressure on my neck; but watching her boobs swing and her
laughter had me feeling dizzy.