Lusty Amazons

The girls walked around us studying us like pieces of meat in
the super market. I was ‘chosen’ by a girl who was 5’10”
tall. I had seen her around campus and I vaguely remembered
her legs looking quite strong. I wasn’t prepared for how
strong they actually were. To add some motivation to this
contest we were told that any of us who won our match would
be excused from the rest of the “hell week” and would be able
to watch what the others had to go through. All of us felt
that we would win and that would be the end of “hell week”.

The girls all lined up and took off their sweat suites to
reveal fantastic bodies. There wasn’t a ugly girl in the
bunch; and all of them had muscles, I mean strong looking
arms and legs. They flexed those for us briefly and each of
us was looking at the girl we would wrestle. As Brandi, the
girl I was to compete against flexed her arms and legs I knew
that she was going to win and I couldn’t do anything about
it. I just hoped she would do it fast and that I wouldn’t be
hurt too badly. She was having fun watching my face as she
flexed and felt her own muscles.