Spread Eagle

My Lover and I have made sweet passionate love together. We
fall asleep still entangled. I awake to my Lover’s kiss.
Attempt to reach up and pull her to me… I can’t move my arms,
I look to see why not, they are tied to the side of the bed as are
my legs. I am tied spread eagle to the bed. I look questioningly
up at my Lover. She says that “I am going to kiss you all over
your body, and tease you with my cunt.” So saying she straddles my
chest and slowly lowers her crotch towards my waiting mouth and
tongue, however she gets just close enough for me to inhale her
luscious womanly aroma. She gives me a kiss with her sweet lower
lips on my chest. Continue reading Spread Eagle

Nude Pics Of Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet has revealed she wants to pose nude for charity.

The stunning actress, who showed off her svelte new figure at the recent premiere of ‘Finding Neverland’, says she would be happy to bare all in a fundraising photo shoot like Sarah Ferguson, who has posed naked to raise money for the Elton John Aids Foundation.

She admitted to Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper : Doing a photographic project like the one Fergie is doing would definitely be something I’d be interested in.

Cute Teen Hitch Hiker

But I did stop. I haven’t picked up a hitchhiker since I was in
college. I always figured that a cute girl standing by the side
of the road with her thumb in the breeze had to have a 250 pound
boyfriend in the bushes, ready to commandeer my car at

I can see from a distance that you are cute, your long brown hair
whipping about your face in the wind. As I drive closer, I can
see your faded cutoffs, cut so short that the cheeks of your ass
are peeking out invitingly. Continue reading Cute Teen Hitch Hiker

Hot Girl Next Door

Several years ago my ex-girlfriend and I were living together. We had great
sex. I was always hard for her. She was always ready for me. She was always so
wet. I just loved eating her. She could cum lots of times. We spent many an
hour in the 69 position. We were in love and sex was special.

Once I mentioned about a fantasy for a Three-Way that I had. She told me she
was absolutely not interested in other women. And she didn’t want to have sex
with me and another man. So I dropped the subject and put it out of my mind.
But every once in a while I would jack-off in the shower while I fantasized
about watching her eat another woman and having her watch me eat the other
woman too.

We had a female neighbor who was a pretty good friend. She had a boyfriend
that she lived with but they were always having problems so she would spend
many evenings at our house playing cards, watching movies, talking, etc. Continue reading Hot Girl Next Door

Coeds Fun

It was 7 A.M. when Ann hit the showers. She had an 8 o’clock class what
was it? Psychology? God, why did she sign up for that subject? Oh
well, she needed an elective. How else was she going to maintain her
hopefully busy social schedule?

As the hot water beat softly against her young and supple skin, the fog
started to clear from her head and she remembered that she wasn’t in her
private shower back home. She lived in a college dormitory now and the
showers were all open to each other. “Why don’t they provide a little
privacy around here?” Oh well, Ann secretly enjoyed the lack of
privacy. Sometimes she found herself wondering, with a certain sense of
excitement, just who would be joining her in the shower each morning.
She would cast her eyes shyly to the floor and become very quiet as she
struggled to find an excuse to look at her bathing partner. Just how
long do normal women look at each other in the buff? Would anyone
suspect anything if her eyes stopped momentarily to appreciate certain
portions of female anatomy?

Ann often worried herself. After all, she only dated men. She had
never been to bed with another woman. She thought of herself as quite
heterosexual. And yet?—— Oh God, what was she going to do with
these feelings? Continue reading Coeds Fun

Sinful Housewife Confessions

I came to Dayton in 1976 from Indianapolis to attend the University
of Dayton. I was 18, just graduated from high school and wanting to get
away from home but not too far away, so Dayton seemed perfect. I wasn’t
a virgin, but wasn’t terribly experienced sexually, either, having had
two serious boyfriends and one one-night-stand. My senior year steady
had gone off to college in Michigan, so I felt like I was free to date
when I got to Dayton. So, I moved out to Dayton and started college.
I’ve always been pretty outgoing, so I quickly made a number of new
friends, most of who liked to party. Early in the first semester, I went
with three other girls in my class down to Flanagan’s bar near campus.
We were there for awhile splitting pitchers of beer and got talking to
three guys sitting at a nearby table. I hit it off with one of the
guys and spent a while talking to him. He told me his name was Bob
and was down here visiting friends, but was a junior at Ohio Northern.
He was about 6′, tanned and very muscular. I was very attracted to
him and found myself thinking “Hmm, I don’t know this guy very well,
but with a little effort on his part, I could be had tonight”… Continue reading Sinful Housewife Confessions

Thrue Orgy Celebrity Story

Following is the story that took place in one of Hollywood homes but all the names were changed so that noone is offended 😉
“You can’t go in there. They’re still getting ready”

I flashed him a sheepish look. He nodded and said loudly “I’m
off. I should be back around midnight” so that they could hear
him in the bedroom, then left.

I went back to twitching in the living room. I am still not
comfortable looking him in the eyes. I know that I was the one to
insist that she tell him, but I never expected him to accept it.
Especially not as openly as this.

It’s my birthday. Two married women are “getting ready” in the
bedroom. Both husbands know, and neither one wants to kill me.
Yet. I still think of myself as sexually deprived. At 32 (no! 33
now) these are the third and fourth women I’ve ever been to bed
with. If you’re involved with two women, then a threesome is the
obvious step. Isn’t it? It seemed so when she suggested it.

I guess this means that the big fight I had with “B” a month ago
is behind us now. I haven’t been with her since then. Until she
proposed this birthday gift for me. My other lover was fascinated
by the idea, and by the timing. I just twitch. Continue reading Thrue Orgy Celebrity Story

Sinful Birthday

Twas this girl’s birthday coming up, a girl I cared very
much about, so I thought I would do something special for her.
This girl was much into sex, especially wild sex so I thought I
would give her a birthday sex session, but not just a regular
sex session. I called a few of my friends and asked them to
join in on the fun. To come to the “party” I managed to get
John, Steve and Martha. None of who know Cynthia [the guest of
honour] but were quite kinky too. I invited Cynthia to come over
to my house for supper a few days before her birthday, and even
feign surprise when she mentioned her birthday coming up. She
accepted and we set a date. I then called the others and told them
to be there early. Continue reading Sinful Birthday

Jennifer Lopez Gone Bad

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Looks like fun

Brandi leaned over and whispered in my ear, ” that looks like
fun, I’m going to do that one to you tonight; plus some more
‘fun’ things. ” Then Mari-beth set Jim down and when he came
to she simply put him in a body scissors and crushed his body
into unconsciousness again. She was through with him in a
matter of minutes. As I sat there Brandi would flex her legs
and then she would scissor my head and body from time to time
until I submitted. All of the women were able to easily “tame
the pledge class”.

Fucking several cunts

My mind was still cloudy from being knocked out and from the
ease with which Brandi had been able to so completely
dominate me; therefore, it was difficult to concentrate on
the remaining “matches”. None of the guys in the pledge class
won their matches.

The girls were too strong, fast and in fact just superior to
us all. I remember that one girl used a hold on her pledge
that had all of us staring in disbelief. She was about 5’8″
tall and weighed about 140; her “victim” was 5’5″ and weighed
about 120 lbs. She walked up to him, flexed her biceps and
made him feel them, she announced, ” they are 163/4″ flexed
and you tell the people how hard they are. ” He stammered
that they were hard as steel. Then she said, ” my arms are
incredibly strong, and I want to use you to demonstrate this
fact. ” I should also mention that she had an incredible
body as well; she had at least 42″ chest, a 28″ waist and her
hips were about 36″. She grabbed the back of his head in one
hand and slammed his face into her chest; with her other hand
she gripped the back of his neck and squeezed with both
hands. He was unconscious in a matter of seconds. Then she
let him slide down her body to the floor. The next thing she
did was the unbelievable part; she reached down and with one
hand she grabbed a handful of his shirt and straightened up,
pulling his limp body off of the floor. Still with one hand
she pressed him over her head and held him there.

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” Now, little one, I’m going to flex these muscles of mine
and I want you to think about how sore your whole body is
right now because of my strength. Your reaction to my flexing
will help me decide if you are ‘tamed’ or if you need some
more convincing from my legs.”

She let that sink in for a few minutes and then she exploded
her legs and arms. I must have fainted because the next thing
I knew she was sitting in a chair with her legs holding me up
in a sitting position. I shook my head to try and clear it;
Brandi leaned over and whispered in my ear, ” you are mine,
wimp, and if you ever forget it I’ll really let these legs
work on your body. Now watch the other girls take your pledge
brothers apart. Watch closely because I’m going to use some
of the holds they use on you. We are going to wrestle at
least once a day for awhile. ”

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My ribs were being bent to the point of
breaking, my mind was getting cloudy with the pain; and
Brandi was laughing. After several minutes she lowered me to
the floor and released me. She stood up in front of me and
raised me to my knees with a handful of hair. I was looking
directly at her beautiful, powerful legs as she placed my
head between them. She crushed my neck and I was out again.
This time I came to with her straddling my totally spent
body. Brandi allowed me to come around some before she
ordered me to put one hand on her thigh and one on her calf.

Fucking Amazons

Mercifully, she ended my suffering by flexing her legs with
such force that I once again sank into unconsciousness. I was
out for about five minutes before I began to be able to hear
and see what was going on. It took me a few minutes to
realize that Brandi had me draped across her shoulders and
was doing knee bends with me as additional weight. As soon as
she realized that I was coming around she dumped me to the
floor in front of her. ” Well, hello there sleepy head. I’m
glad you decided to join us again. I’ve been doing knee bends
for the last five minutes and my thighs are starting to pump
up a little bit. I don’t think you’ve got anything left to
resist me with; not that you have ever been any competition
for me anyway. I’m going to put your neck between my thighs
and knock you out, but not before I work you over pretty good
and you become so afraid of my leg strength that I consider
you to be tamed. ” Brandi sat down and rolled me over so that
my midsection was laying in between her thighs. She lay back
and closed her legs around my waist; then she slowly raised
her legs into the air. I was looking down into her smiling
face as she held me suspended in the air. Suddenly she
clamped down on the hold and I was immediately screaming my
submission. But, Brandi was having too much fun to stop
immediately; she would vary the pressure to see what my
reaction would be.

Sink into Unconsciousness

After only a few minutes of this I realized that her legs
were cutting off the flow of blood to my brain and I was
rapidly sinking into unconsciousness again. Before I went out
completely I heard her talking, ” just look at this pitiful
excuse for a man, girls. My calves are just getting warmed up
and he’s already finished. Can you imagine what my thighs are
going to do to him ? I hope I can make him last long enough
to have a little fun with him. What a wimp ! I’ll bet you
that before I’m finished with him I can make him faint
without touching him. I’ll just flex and he’ll faint from
fear. “