Its Not Over

It wasn’t
over yet; Brandi was straddling my body as I came to she
leaned over and said, ” How’d you like the sample, Wimp face,
I told you you weren’t man enough to take what I have. This
is mutual submission remember and I’m not through with you
yet. I plan on knocking you out several times before I allow
you to concede to me and become my slave. Now put your hand
on my calf muscle, it’s going to put you out next. It’s so
big that I have trouble getting pants to fit. Hard aren’t
they. ”

Before I could respond she stepped forward and placed my neck
between her calves. All she seemed to do was to raise up on
her toes and the pain started immediately. She lowered
herself back down and began doing toe raises; with each flex
of her calves my neck seemed to get weaker and weaker. After
about 50 toe raises she stayed on her toes and began to shake
her hips from side to side. This not only increased the
pressure on my neck; but watching her boobs swing and her
laughter had me feeling dizzy.

Trapped by glamorous girls

I looked up to see Brandi out in the middle giving me the
come here motion with her finger. I was slow to move and she
got a big kick out of this fact. ” What’s the matter, Timmy
boy, are you afraid of this little girl ? I’m even stronger
than Jane is and I’m going to crush your weak body until you
are completely used up. Now get out here and see if you can
take what I’ve got. I don’t think you are man enough. ” As I
walked out to the center of the room Brandi jumped up and
circled my waist with her long legs and wrapped her arms
around my head, which slammed my face into her 40E” chest. I
heard her count to three and then I felt pain in my head and
my ribs all at the same time; and then blackness. My God, she
had knocked me out in a matter of three seconds. I had hoped
she would make it fast, but this was ridiculous.

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Tara Reid and Paris Hilton

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Sitting in my backyard, drinking a cold beer the door bell rings, Getting
up, I answer it only to find a shimmering blond with startling green eyes,
standing in my doorway. I feel a rise in my pants! “Is the lady of the
house in she says sweetly”, “No but what can I do for you” I reply back. My
name is Fawn, I’m the new Avon Lady, I just wanted to introduce myself”.
tara raid and paris hilton had lesbian sex
tara raid and paris hilton had lesbian sex

“She has gone to the store I reply,”….. I lied actually she is working.
“You know though, I have been thinking about getting her a little present,
could you show me something?”….. (I’m hoping she shows me her little
present). “Oh yes, I have some wonderful jewelry, and some magnificent
fragrances” she says. With a sheepish grin I reply “Come on in, show me
what you have to offer.”…..I know what i’d like to take.
She enters the room, wearing a tight blue mini skirt, It is obvious she is
has something on her mind other than selling Avon. “Have a seat, can I get
you a drink” I query her. “Sure, what do you have, she asks” I reply “Cold
beer, I could fix you a Kaluha shake, or light wine.” “If its not too much
work, I’d love a Kaluha shake.” “You got it I hurriedly respond.”….. Continue reading Paris And Tara Fucking Lucky Guy

Timmy Boy Caught By Cruel Women

He was barely conscious at this point but he managed to say
what she wanted to hear. At this point Jane slacked off on
the pressure for a second and then suddenly poured the power
into the hold. He went out like someone had hit him with a
hammer. She spread her legs and he dropped face first into
the floor, giving him a bloody nose. Jane effortlessly
lifted him up and carried him off to the side, where she sat
him in a chair. She walked back out to the center of the room
and flexed her powerful muscles one more time for the stunned
pledge class. She allowed each one of us to feel her arms and
leg muscles as she walked down the line.

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You are
still going out with my legs wrapped around you; but, I’m
going to put you through a little more pain first. ” Without
another word she wrapped her arms around him in a bear hug
and lifted him off of the floor while squeezing his
midsection. Her knuckles were digging into his back as she
would squeeze, let up, squeeze, let up. After a few short
minutes of this he started to become limp in her arms. Before
he went out she dropped him to the floor. Jane waited for a
minute or two, looking down at her hapless foe with a smirk
on her face, until he regained some of his composure. Then
she grabbed another handful of hair and pushed his head back
until he was looking up into her face.

I saw her wink at him as she raised her arm up and flexed her
bicep for him. ” Pretty strong arms for a girl, huh punk ? In
fact these are strong for anybody. Bet you wish you had
muscles as hard, strong and well developed as these. Now are
you ready to ask me to finish you off, or do you want to
‘dance’ with me some more ? ” This time he asked her to
please finish him off with her long, beautiful legs. The
girls went wild as she stuffed his head in between her thighs
in a standing head scissors. As she slowly increased the
pressure and stood up on her toes he started thrashing around
like a fish out of water. Jane was laughing and teasing him,
” Gee, I’m not really squeezing yet and you are acting like
I’m going to break your scrawny neck. Let’s hear you say,
‘Jane, I can’t take anymore. You are too strong for me.
Please knock me out now’. ”

Defeated And Fucked

We had been cheering him on; but, it was obvious that she
was too much for him. He was pleading with her to stop; but,
to no avail.
The other girls were looking at their chosen pledges and
were smiling as they would say things like, ” I’m going to
hurt you like that ” or ” I’m not going to do that to you,
I’m too strong for that. I’m afraid I’d break your wrist and
then I wouldn’t get to punish you like I want to ” or ” I’m
going to make mince meat out of you Wimp, after I’m through
with you you will beg to be my slave “. After several
minutes of this torture she released this hold, grabbed a
handful of his hair and raised him to his feet. She then put
him into a side headlock and jerked his head into her side.
He immediately began to squirm around and was begging her to
stop. Jane said, ” You’re in luck, big boy, I’m in a good
mood today so I’m going to put you away now. All of us have
agreed that we would use our legs to finish all of you guys
off. Have you had enough ? Are you ready for me to put you
‘to sleep’ ? If you are then when I let you go I want you to
drop to your knees and ask me nicely to knock you out. ” She
released her hold; and this fool stood there trying to talk
to her. I knew he had made a mistake when she smiled brightly
and cut his comments off with, ” Oh, good. I was hoping you
wanted some more proof that I’m too much for you.

Strong Women Wrestling

The first match began; it
was the biggest and strongest guy in our pledge class. He was
6’2″ tall and weighed about 190. He was wrestling the
biggest girl in the Tri-Delt group, she was about 5’11” tall
and weighed 140. They were circling each other when Jane
extended her right hand in an invitation to lock hands in a
test of strength. As they locked hands she extended her left
hand and as Tony would reach for it she pulled it back a
little. He was concentrating so hard on getting her hand that
when she finally locked up with him and suddenly applied some
strength he was on his knees in pain. It was incredible to
watch the muscles in her arms and forearms dance as she
increased the pressure. She would bend his wrist back at his
ears then twist his arms down to his knees, forcing him to
his feet. Then she would twist them back up and down to his
knees he would go. His hands were totally useless after only
a few minutes of this.

Lusty Amazons

The girls walked around us studying us like pieces of meat in
the super market. I was ‘chosen’ by a girl who was 5’10”
tall. I had seen her around campus and I vaguely remembered
her legs looking quite strong. I wasn’t prepared for how
strong they actually were. To add some motivation to this
contest we were told that any of us who won our match would
be excused from the rest of the “hell week” and would be able
to watch what the others had to go through. All of us felt
that we would win and that would be the end of “hell week”.

The girls all lined up and took off their sweat suites to
reveal fantastic bodies. There wasn’t a ugly girl in the
bunch; and all of them had muscles, I mean strong looking
arms and legs. They flexed those for us briefly and each of
us was looking at the girl we would wrestle. As Brandi, the
girl I was to compete against flexed her arms and legs I knew
that she was going to win and I couldn’t do anything about
it. I just hoped she would do it fast and that I wouldn’t be
hurt too badly. She was having fun watching my face as she
flexed and felt her own muscles.

Female Domination

It was the first night of “hell week” at my fraternity. We
didn’t know what to expect; but, we sure didn’t expect what
we got.

All of the pledges were brought into the dining room; we
noticed that all of the tables and chairs had been moved to
one side and stacked out of the way. The active brother of
the fraternity who was in charge of the pledges walked into
the room followed by 12 of the best looking women in the Tri-
Delt sorority, all dressed in sweat suites. He then told us
that the girls were going to pick out a pledge and that
pledge and the Tri-Delt would wrestle. The rules were simple:
submission or knock out only would stop the match, and if it
were submission, both had to agree to the submission.

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wore only a pair of jams. I was mesmerized by his beauty. Kay
came out, and I eagerly asked her who the hunk was. “My
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All I wanted was a nice, safe, monogomous relationship.

Of course in high school I was a simple guy, a bit different from the rest of
the people where I grew up. I had a direction and a purpose; where most kids
were interested in going to parties and getting drunk (and maybe a peek if they
were lucky), I wanted to study and make something of myself.

You know the kind. Poor white trash tring to make something of himself; the
kid in the corner with the glasses held together by tape, calculator in hand.
If this were an earlier age, he’d be trying to read the little black numbers
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