Sinful Birthday

Twas this girl’s birthday coming up, a girl I cared very
much about, so I thought I would do something special for her.
This girl was much into sex, especially wild sex so I thought I
would give her a birthday sex session, but not just a regular
sex session. I called a few of my friends and asked them to
join in on the fun. To come to the “party” I managed to get
John, Steve and Martha. None of who know Cynthia [the guest of
honour] but were quite kinky too. I invited Cynthia to come over
to my house for supper a few days before her birthday, and even
feign surprise when she mentioned her birthday coming up. She
accepted and we set a date. I then called the others and told them
to be there early.

The big day arrived, my friends arrived and hid in my
bedroom, getting ready for the guest of honour. Getting the living
room and dinner ready I checked into the bedroom to see if they
needed anything, they didn’t. Martha was getting the guys ready by
giving them both head, I too was getting in the mood, but decided
to wait. Cynthia was coming over soon, so I had to be ready. When
Cynthia rang the door bell I rushed into the bedroom, John was
returning Martha’s favour while Steve was sucking her tits. I told
them to stop and be quiet.

Next I opened the door, in walked Cynthia, she grabbed
for a hug that lasted two minutes and was getting hot. I sat her
down on the couch and served her a drink. We talked while the food
was getting cooked. We talked about all sorts of things then I
served the food.

After the food had been ate, we continued talking, this time the
subject turned to sex. She told me of her lack of sex due to break
up with her boyfriend. I told her of my lack of sex, due to no
girlfriend. I looked into her eyes, she did the same to me, and it
was like lighting struck and we both realized at the same time,
“Hey, I haven’t had sex in a while, and neither has the person
sitting next to me. I like this person.” Faster than you can say,
“Orgy” she was in my arms. Not for a hug this time, no way. A
soul kiss that cleared my sinus cavities. I started to feel her
breast through her shirt and she cupped a hand on my crotch.

Next she took of her clothes while I took mine off and back into
each other’s arms. I pushed her back, and proceeded to lick my way
down her front, starting from her forehead, tracing a line down
past her neck, her breasts, detouring around her nipples a few
times. Sucking them on by one into my mouth, lightly nibbling on
them. When I got to her cunt I stopped and started to get up. She
looked at me as though I were the cruellest man alive as I backed
off, walking towards my bedroom door. She was so hot that all she
could do was play with her cunt while I opened the door and
signalled to my friends to come out.

You should have seen Cynthia’s face when the other three came
out, naked as we were. First Martha went over to Cynthia kissed
her on the lips and wished her a happy birthday. Then John went
over, kissed her on the other set of lips, lick a bit, and wished
her a happy birthday. Then Steve went over, but before he could do
anything, Cynthia grabbed him the his cock and inserted him into
her mouth, started to suck on it, as a starving baby would on his
bottle. She motioned John over who proceed to rub his cock on the
outside of her cunt. Then when she spread her legs, he pushed his
member all the way in and started to fuck her good. Feeling left
out Martha got on her knees and started to lick Cynthia’s breasts
while fingering her own pussy. Well, I couldn’t let her do that,
so I positioned myself behind Martha and started to lap up her
cunny juice, while she switched her hand from her pussy to my cock.

After about ten minutes we all switched places. Martha moved
around to suck off John, while Cynthia licked her pussy. Steve
entered Martha’s cunt while I was fucking Cynthia.

After some more time we switched one final time. Cynthia laid
down on the living room carpet, on her back. Martha, on all fours,
was on one side of Cynthia, licking her breast while Cynthia
fondled Martha’s. John positioned himself behind Martha and
started pumping into her, Steve entered Cynthia’s pussy while I
received a blow job from Cynthia. We continued this for quite a
while, then the cummin started. First Martha came, followed
closely by John, who spurted all over Cynthia as Martha moved out
of the way, covering Cynthia’s breasts with his sperm. Next it was
Cynthia’s turn, though she had cum many times during the sex play,
this one was powerful, both Steve and I were very appreciative,
Steve said that her cunt clasped tightly around his cock, causing
him to cum right there and then. He pulled out fast, and with
Martha pumping him, splashed his sperm all over Cynthia’s belly.
Meanwhile Cynthia’s orgasm caused her to suck stronger than ever,
putting pressure on my shaft with her lips and a furious tongue
play. I couldn’t hold on any more, pulled out of her mouth and came
all over her face. Cynthia was in heaven, basking in the glory of
all that cum covering her body. She started to rub it in, but
Martha decided to clean her body off instead. Every inch of her
body that is. Then she proceeded to clean us off too. We then
laid in each other’s arms for some time, then took a shower
together, well, not quite all at once, but always with Cynthia in
the shower. Then John and Steve had to leave. To my delight
Cynthia and Martha decided to stay and continue the celebrations.