Spread Eagle

My Lover and I have made sweet passionate love together. We
fall asleep still entangled. I awake to my Lover’s kiss.
Attempt to reach up and pull her to me… I can’t move my arms,
I look to see why not, they are tied to the side of the bed as are
my legs. I am tied spread eagle to the bed. I look questioningly
up at my Lover. She says that “I am going to kiss you all over
your body, and tease you with my cunt.” So saying she straddles my
chest and slowly lowers her crotch towards my waiting mouth and
tongue, however she gets just close enough for me to inhale her
luscious womanly aroma. She gives me a kiss with her sweet lower
lips on my chest. Then gets off me and starts kissing me slowly
tenderly, along my arms – stoping to gently nibble and lick at my
inner elbow, across my chest and down it she stops at my navel and
blows in it licks at it and runs her tongue in to it, she stops and
starts nibbling on my ears – licking inside of them (she knows what
effect this has on me). All the while I am becoming more and more
turned- on and getting harder!!!! She continues starting at my feet
gently nipping at my toes and tickling then, she kisses up my legs,
stopping now and then (as she has been all along) to bring her
gorgeous, delicious womanhood tantilizingly close to my straining
mouth, each time I inhale deeply of her aroma. She gets up to my
thighs and oooooo so slowly lisses up my inner thighs (OOOOOOOOOOOOO
I am sooo sensitive there) I beg her to bring me to completion
but she just grins and tells me to wait a little longer. she then
starts licking and kissing at the base of my rock hard throbbong
cock sending spasms of joy and need thru my body. she moves up my
cock licking and kissing all the way kisses the tip and then gently
positions her dripping wet hot cunt over my mouth and alows me to
eat her. After a few minutes she tunrs around and lwoers herself
onto my throbbing, pulsating cock and we again make sweet passionate
love. The first time hottly deeply. The second third and … we take
our time and make gentle, tender love.