Trapped by glamorous girls

I looked up to see Brandi out in the middle giving me the
come here motion with her finger. I was slow to move and she
got a big kick out of this fact. ” What’s the matter, Timmy
boy, are you afraid of this little girl ? I’m even stronger
than Jane is and I’m going to crush your weak body until you
are completely used up. Now get out here and see if you can
take what I’ve got. I don’t think you are man enough. ” As I
walked out to the center of the room Brandi jumped up and
circled my waist with her long legs and wrapped her arms
around my head, which slammed my face into her 40E” chest. I
heard her count to three and then I felt pain in my head and
my ribs all at the same time; and then blackness. My God, she
had knocked me out in a matter of three seconds. I had hoped
she would make it fast, but this was ridiculous.